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Best SMART WIFI DIGITAL DOOR handle Lock price in Pakistan


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Smart Home Wifi Door Lock Lastest Smart Door lock for your existing or new Smart Home. Stop hiding keys under the doormat. Create virtual permanent keys for family and temporairy guests. Keep check on loved ones with instant mobile push notifications and 24/7 activity log. A Smart Approach to Security Smart lock is undoutably the basic part of a truly 2019 Smart, connected homes. Not only it allows you to enter your home, office Auto lock & auto unlock, no more fumbling for keys, it will also log the access while you’re away. YOu can configure to get the notification on your mobile when kids are home. Most Available models are limited in functunality and come with ahfty price tags, and may lack important functionalities like Auto lock & auto unlock, no more fumbling for keys. –

Keep your existing hardware Omni Smart Home Wifi Door lock comes with all available technologies of assess control including. 1- Fingerprint 2- Remote Mobile App (Apple/ Android) 3- Touch Pad 4- NFC 5- Inhome Wall Touch Screen Unit 6- Simple Key 7- Auto Locking 8- Anit Peep Passcode 9- Integration with other Omni Smart Home Products in Pakistan 10- Door bell Good news is that Omni smart Home door locks in Pakistan use the standard pre-drilled holes so it is easy to replace your existing Door locks. Omni Smart Home Door locks communicates with other connected smart home devices, like the Omni Smart Siren, and voice assistant services like, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and If This Then That (IFTTT). For example, you can have your doors unlock when a smoke or CO alarm is triggered, or have certain Omni Home smart lights turn on when a door is unlocked. Depending on your home automation setup, you can even pair your lock with a video doorbell, like the Omni Smart Door Bell, so you can see who is at the door before you unlock it, or have an interior camera begin recording when a door is unlocked.

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SmartDoor Lock Specifications

  • Fingerprint Sensor: Support(size: 160*160, on the knob)
  • Wi-Fi: Support(802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz ,WPA/WPA2 safe mode(Optional)
  • Battery: 4 AA alkaline dry batteries
  • capacity specification: 4.5V~6.5V
  • Key classical: C class
  • Standby time: 20000 hours more
  • APP: Support Android / Apple(Smart Life)
  • Anti-peeping password: Support Emergency
  • charging port: Support(Software upgrade supported)
  • Audio support: Audio(Chinese/English)+Alarm(back lock)
  • Keypad: Touch screen(Front board)+reset(Back board)
  • Key: Support(2pcs)
  • Stand-by power consumption: <50uA
  • Operating power consumption: Average<150mA/H
  • Low battery warning:Low battery alarm can be turned on about 50 times
  • Password protect: Continue mistype 5 times,lock for 180 second while warning
  • Open mode: Press “2”&“8”after unlock to enter
  • Fingerprint Algorithm: Fingerchip Self-research encrypted Algorithm V2.4 Non-read rate: <0.001%(Ministry of public security test report)
  • Mistake rate: <0.00005%(Ministry of public security test report)
  • Identify speed: 0.3 second/pcs(Keep the same identify speed even full)
  • Temporary password: Support(APP send temporary password)
  • Door thickness: 4-10cm Wood/
  • Metal Doorbell: (Enter# Key)
  • Capacity: 100 users
  • Left open: Support
  • Right open: Support
  • Inner open: Support
  • Outer open: Support
  • Humidity requirement: 90%
  • Virtual password: 20 digits
  • Password digtal: 6-8 digital code
  • Alarm Method: APP warning.
  • Initial password: 1234567890
  • Sensor press times: 100,000 times
  • Indoor Anti-lock: Support
  • Wood door: compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body
  • Security door: compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body
  • Steel door: compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body
  • Room door: Compatible 6052 lock body,small lock body,small 50 lock body
  • NFC card: Support(2pcs),work rate:13.56MHZ 6mm more(screen off) unlock time:1~2ms Temperature requirement
  • Work temp: -30℃~+55℃ Certification: GA(Ministry of Public Security Certification)、CE、FCC、ROHS

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