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Portable and durable Small in size Can be kept anywhere due to its small size and plug and playRead More
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WiFi action camera or 4k action-cam is a digital camera that is designed for filming action while being involved in it completely. If you are a sport loving person or interested in sports photography you are definitely going to love the features, of this WiFi action camera. Apart from features, there is good news for all those people around who do not actually do sports but are sports lover, suggest your friend buy 4k WiFi Action Camera so that you can enjoy HD quality videos from home and experience the same level of excitement your friend get while performing that sport. YES, you read that right. WiFi action camera allows you to record your videos in full high definition quality so that the viewers experience the same level of excitement you did while performing.


This WiFi action camera has nice 2-inch LCD panel that captures all your breath-taking videos and pictures in 4 different modes. This action camera records video in 1080 p video in 30 and 60fps, it also records 720 p videos in 120 (frame per second) that allows you to record your video in slow motion. You can capture your videos in time-lapse, slow motion, burst and photo modes. Playback mode allows you to play these videos in the background. It provides the 170-degree wide-angle lens. So, you can view the ecstasy of the player without being played.

Unpacking the 4k action camera in Pakistan:

4K action camera in Pakistan came along with manual copies to understand the instructions and usage of this camera, waterproof case for your camera, one sports DV, mounting clips, a bicycle Stand, 2 bases along with one fixed base, 3 switch supporters, a cotton cloth, an adapter, a bandage, USB charger along with its cable, wire rope, data cable, a wiper and a Rechargeable Battery. Manual gives an instruction of each mounting instrument and ports. WiFi action camera has an HDMI interface and supports up to 120 Micro SD card. Straps are being provided to fix remote with your arm so you can control camera modes and functions from this remote without making camera unstable from its mounted fixture.

Wi-Fi connectivity:

This WiFi action camera gives access to your remote controlling camera features by connecting your camera to Wi-Fi. You can use your phone to control many functions of this camera. 4k action camera in Pakistan grants you full access to its function when an app is being installed on your phone or tablet. It can be very time saving and this great feature lets you remotely view the feed from your camera and helps you in lining up the shots. You can also control the beginning and end of your videos. Along with this, this feature allows you to transfer files from your camera to other Wi-Fi enabled devices like Smartphone, tablets etc. This Wifi feature has also made fast moving life easier as you don’t have to wait for the videos to be uploaded from your computer or tablets.

Best for scuba diving:

Since this WiFi action camera comes along waterproof casing it can be used for scuba diving. For all the people who love aquamarine life or love to scuba dive, this 4k action camera in Pakistan with its best quality videos is perfect for capturing underwater life. You can take this camera 30 m underwater. This waterproof casing not only provides protection underwater but also acts as a soundproof container. And protects it from any other accident. The Wide-angle view allows capturing all the surroundings without distorting the quality of image and video.

Amazing for riding bikes and trekking:

Its wide-angle view is best for trekking and riding bike. As you don’t have to capture videos and photos by holding it in hand rather you can just fix the remote into the strap and fasten it around your wrist. You can control the function and change the mode with this remote. This feature is best for you if you are mountaineering or trekking since there is a lot in your hand. Once you have mounted it on the proper medium left the rest on this camera and operate it remotely.

Use as Dashcam:

If you are not up to spend money on dash cam you can use this WiFi action camera as a dash cam. Mounting equipment are packed in the packages which help you to fix it on the front. And then this camera is ready for shooting.

Battery life:

When looking for the best 4k Action camera in Pakistan the most demanded feature is long battery timing. This is because most of the sports like marathon or cycle racing is time-consuming and are long. So, to cover the whole sports span most clients prefer to Buy 4k WiFi Action Camera to cover their whole sport. This makes it necessary for manufacturers to make batteries with long battery timing that cover the whole sports event. Most of these cameras run on a battery which needs to be charged and hence there is only a limited time for when you can use them. With the passage of time batteries of this WiFi, action cameras get easily discharged and this decreases their usage time on the field. Having cameras with larger stronger batteries is always a plus point. One needs to keep in mind while wasting battery that most of the batteries of your cameras reduce with their usage but these WiFi action camera in spite of having a lot of features, it’s feature does not consume all battery, separately. Another major key point that is important to know preliminarily that if you aim to shoot your sports action at high resolution, you must bring rest of accessories of these cameras with you. As shooting at high resolution increases the rate of high battery consumption.

4K HD action camera price:

If you aim to get this camera at a very economical price, we would like you to buy 4k WiFi Action Camera from crazy prices Pakistan.



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Wi-Fi Action Camera

Dec 30, 2017 2:11:11 PM

For every adventurer out there and for every sports lover in homes, there is something about Wi fi action camera in Pakistan that you might have heard before but is not familiar with. It is better to be aware of the equipment when you are using them so that you could take full advantage of it.Read More
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CCTV camera in Pakistan-need of an hour

Dec 29, 2017 10:44:23 AM

With the increase in crime rate and corruption, it has become the need of an hour to install equipment that can help to reduce these incidents in Pakistan. As every life is equally important as possessions. CCTV camera in Pakistan has played the key role in reducing these criminal activities to the certain extent. CCTV wireless cameras have a great impact on security enhancement level as these cameras are the one that has been numerously installed in different places from private to organizational level. These CCTV cameras in Pakistan are mostly installed in commercial properties like offices, retail outlets; all companies need a careful consideration of integrated security solutions. Since security is enforced time and again one can ask the question that what guards are hired for. Security guards provide an element of protection on the ground floor, their eyes are ears are not extensive enough to provide an overwatch of the entire premises.

It is not wrong to say that these CCTV cameras in Pakistan have played the role, more than just providing security. They facilitate you with an eye to keep your office environment healthy and ethical for work. These CCTV cameras in Pakistan play an important role in the productivity levels and efficiency of employees. While certain individuals may feel their legal rights are being undermined within a ‘Big Brother’ environment, it is done so to ensure the activities and conduct of all employees are maintained on a daily basis. These days security has been taken very seriously not only in business but also in commercial properties. Everyone is in search of methods and equipment that can ensure up to 100% safety. In such cases, IP camera in Pakistan has been used most. This IP camera in Pakistan can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. The two-way communication, secure data transmission through encryption and authentication methods, remote accessibility and Wi-Fi enabling has made these CCTV cameras in Pakistan popular in the market.

If we ponder on CCTV IP camera price in Pakistan we find it very cost-effective and durable and still if you want this camera at very reasonable price and guaranteed durability we would like you to get in touch with crazy prices Pakistan for it. Cctv wireless camera in Pakistan has become one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of providing security in the home and place of work. Here is a list few reasons why CCTV camera in Pakistan is used:

  1. Prevent Crime

The fear of being watched and caught, this CCTV camera in Pakistan has been able to minimize the crime by doing strict surveillance in public. With the knowledge of being watched the criminal thieves or any burglar would think twice before doing any crime.

  1. Third-eye

If you are a boss who does not believe in the strict decorum of office or if you are a parent who wants to give space to their children so that they could learn more. These CCTV cameras are perfect for you. CCTV wireless camera in Pakistan is mainly for this purpose of keeping an eye on your staff or on your kid without being present around. This helps make your staff more responsible and your child more careful in his/her doings.

  1. Be a useful piece of evidence

IP camera in Pakistan that is mostly connected with DVR or NVR helps in recording the happenings and storing the backups as evidence. So, that if a crime has been committed in or around your business you can accuse the right person without being dubious. This also helps in law and enforcement to check and to help in catching the right criminal.

  1. Remote accessibility:

A person cannot be 24/7 vigilant being social, the person has to move place to place. But with CCTV wireless camera in Pakistan, you’re able to access your cameras and view your organization from anywhere you want.  

5. Protecting your staff CCTV can protect your staff physically against violence from customers. It protects your staff person or any victim from being falsely accused.

6. Encourage good behavior Having a CCTV camera inside offices may help in creating discipline among the employees. CCTV camera with its advancement has become synonymous for a boss. If you are not in the office and know that your presence is the only way to take work from your employees, let a CCTV camera do this work for you.

7. Monitoring high-risk area High-risk areas such as factories where more masses are working together and incidents like fire breakouts are more likely to happen; CCTV cameras in Pakistan can reduce such incidents. Potential damage can be lessened by providing immediate emergency aid if these CCTV cameras are being installed at different places. Installing CCTV cameras at places where there is the high-risk factor for an accident can help save someone’s life. It is important so that life-saving measures can be employed promptly.

8. Increase customer’s confidence Banks and shops equipped with CCTV cameras give the customers a sense of security and safety. Along with employee customers feel secure when he sees a camera. As the thought of having proof if something went wrong make him comfortable.

Comments | Posted in CCTV Cameras By zohra blog

Are you planning to enhance your TV experience? You can do so with the help of the best Android TV box available in the market. The best part is that you can purchase it online at crazy prices.pk as well. It is important to note here that people using Android TV box MXQ PRO these days with full swig as it has a number of features to follow. Why waste time on cable and other providers when you can have the best results and a vast choice of channels with ANDROID TV box? You can simply enhance your TV experience by buying and using 4K ANDROID TV box.


How to get your hands on the right product that suits your budget as well as your requirements?

Team, crazy prices are concerned about your requirements as well as with your budget; that is the reason why we have written down this article for you. We present you the best and top class ANDROID TV box MXQ PRO and the Android TV Box price with Pakistan along with the boxes. They are available on our website. Feel free to visit our website.

It is significant for a brand in terms of technology to be trustworthy and this is the reason why the mentioned selections are a part of our list. 

Nvidia Shield TV – Best Android TV Box 2018

The Nvidia Shield TV Player is without a doubt the topper on our list for the best Android TV box for 2018. It has a super amazing 4k HDR graphics with voice command. If you are looking for life-changing TV experience, this Android TV Box is for you. It comes up with Android 7.0 Nougat and it has the potential to stream Netflix, Youtube in 4k. To be very honest, it is an expensive choice but it offers a number of benefits to its users. 

How to set up this Shield TV box and how you can update it?

Nvidia Shield TV is quite simple to setup and easy to use as well. All you need is a Google account to set it up and this can simply be done with the help of an Android phone, tablet, or the remote. Focusing on the updates, there was an upgrade in the Shield TV at the start of 2017. However, the original 2015 Shield TV was advanced to Android 7.0 Nougat and SHIELD 5.0.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro – the best for gaming

The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro comes has all the features that a Shield can offer to its users but it is different in a way that it lacks certain elements as compared to the aforementioned box. Price is a major factor in this regard. It comes up with 500GB storage along with IR receiver. This package includes original remote with headphones jack

Design and features:

Nvidia Shield TV was updated in terms of design and it has a compact one now. On the other hand, the Shield Pro was not upgraded in terms of design and has the same size of the 2015 box. The updated box has no microSD and micro-USB slots whereas the Pro version still has these features. This is better n a way that it offers 30 times more storage to the device.

The incorporation of the IR receiver in the Nvidia Pro is another significant difference. You can easily use universal remote along with this IR receiver and this remote will be only useful if it is linked with any of these receivers.

Amazon Fire TV (2017 Edition) will rule the market in 2018 as well

The plug and play TV box are quite in demand these days and people are looking forward to this edition in 2018 as well. It is important to notice here that it falls into the category of one of the most popular streaming media players on our list.

Highest selling and highest rated Android TV Box:

You heard it right. Gamers have gone mad for this box as it offers multiple benefits to them. It comes up with a 4k streaming at 60 fps along with Alexa Voice Control and Dolby Atmos Audio.

Top features and information:

Good news is that you can easily set up Amazon Fire TV and it is a top choice in a way that it falls in the category of few boxes that easy to install and start and use of course. If you are new to the streaming media, this box is specially intended for you because of the ease that it offers.

All you have to do is connect it to the Internet and enjoy the streaming. In addition to it, once you have connected it to the Internet, you can easily go through all the contents and updates without any difficulty.

New development in the ANDROID TV box PRO:

Even though streaming with 4k Ultra High Definition was available with the previous editions, the new addition to the Amazon family offers you enhanced quality at 60 fps as a replacement for 30 fps. It also supports HDR content and Dolby Atmos audio on the linked applications.



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If you are looking for an IP camera for your home, then you have landed the perfect guide that will help you select the most appropriate IP camera system for your home security. If you are still using the analog CCTV system and want to upgrade to the IP camera system that can be accessed on the internet but aren’t sure which one to get according to your requirements then you need to read on to be able to choose the right HD PTZ Camera system for your home security. Let&rsquo's give you answers to the questions that you might have in your mind.


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The new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the latest Android Operating software, v7.0(nougat). Just for your information, this is the latest Android operating software in the market till the date. It also has the feature of dual sim management.Read More
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In this decentralized world, our lives have become dependent on our smart devices to stay connected to the world every second. For that matter, our devices need to keep running and would require constant energy.Read More
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The basic properties of a good Digital video recorder (DVR) include getting views from the live cameras, storing and retrieving the video footages whenever required. Hikvision is one of the most popular DVR providers which offers some of the best DVR which can be connected up to 32 cameras and can even be controlled remotelyRead More
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